Monday, February 27, 2012

False Plates On Car In Smash-up

The police are investigating an accident involving a car with false licence plates whose occupants fled the scene. The three-car accident occurred early yesterday morning. Police reports indicate two cars were involved in the initial accident, which occurred at 4:40 a.m on Mapp Hill, St Michael.

One of the cars was driven was Jamal Barrow, 25. He complained of pains to the neck and back. Barrow was transporting three passengers. The most seriously injured passenger was Mark Mason, who was unconscious when emergency personnel arrived and had to be cut from the vehicle using the Jaws of Life. Mason suffered serious head injuries and a collapsed right lung. He was taken by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he underwent surgery and is currently in stable condition.

The other passengers complained of pains about the body. The other car was driven by William Farnum, 23. He also complained of body pain. Farnum’s passenger 24-year-old Lizelle Coren, complained of body pain. A third car struck one of the damaged vehicles shortly after the initial collision and its occupants fled the scene. Police said the third car had false licence plates.

Source: Nation News 2012/02/27

Car On Fire At Warrens

A 34-year-old welder escaped injury this evening when the car he was driving caught fire at Warrens St Michael just opposite Cheffette. Mark Edghill of Cliffland St. John was driving when the incident occurred just after 6 pm. Some people rushed to Edghill's assistance. A water tender from the Arch Hall Fire station also responded to the fire which was under control when they arrived. (RL)

Source: Nation News 2012/02/27

Six Hurt In Three Car Accident

Six people were taken to hospital Sunday morning after sustaining injuries in a three car smash up along Mapp Hill. It's also being reported that the occupants of one of the cars fled the scene.

Police give no age or address for Mark Mason, who appeared to have stained the most serious injuries.
Mason was reportedly unconscious, when he was freed from the vehicle by a team from the Barbados Fire Service just before five in the morning.

He was an occupant along with two others in a car driven by 25 year old Jamal Barrow, of Church Village, St. Philip. Also involved in the accident were 25 year old William Farnum, of Worthing, Christ Church and his passenger, 24 year old Lizelle Coren, of Frere Pilgrim, Christ Church.