Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burning Nuisance

Two individuals may find themselves before the law courts soon for "burning stuff". The local lobby group Citizens Against Burning Stuff told Barbados TODAY that while there are no laws specifically dealing with the burning of stuff, it still constituted a public nuisance and they had had enough.

Following up on a promise to do so, president Wayne Willock said he had personally delivered a letter to the office of the Minister of Health Donville Inniss on the matter after the minister had come out in favour of something being done against perpetrators of the act of burning garbage. Willock had said after the minister's statements that the group was happy to have finally found a sympathetic ear to the plight of many, especially those with respiratory challenges.

"We strongly believe that the attention which we have been able to draw to this issue may have prompted this focus. We thank him [Inniss] for his timely recognition of this very inconsiderate practice or tradition and assures him that we stand ready to offer to be an important part of the process towards examining what needs to be done, improved or implemented in order to arrest the practice," said Willock.

He added that the group had been doing legal research into the matter, as well as "looking at determining viable alternatives", which they would write the minister on to offer CABS' assistance. Do more The president said he believed there was much that could be done to the indiscriminate perpetrators of the act. "Laws can be put in place to criminalise burning with the relevant fines and/or imprisonment. In certain US states the fine is $25,000. We also have legislation out of Bermuda which addresses the issue.

"We have case studies which target two individuals whom we intend to put before the law courts. At present there is no law against burning stuff which constitutes a public nuisance punishable by getting arrested and charged although public health inspectors have in their portfolio the right to have people charged if they persist after being warned," he stated.

This, however, he noted was not enforced like many other laws, adding that there was also the challenge of personal connections between inspector and perpetrator which could inhibit the correct procedures being followed. "This is called the 'blind eye syndrome'... What I intend to do is to lobby hard for big fines with jail terms for repeat offenders," he stated emphatically.

The group, he said, was still encouraging people to come forward with testimony and to join the group on Facebook or by emailing veriton1@caribsurf.com, to strengthen the lobby against the practice of burning stuff. (LB)

Source: news.barbadostoday.bb

Monday, August 22, 2011

Girl Dies In Early Morning Accident

Barbados has recorded another road fatality. Dead is 24 year-old Tracy Watson of Fairfield Road, Black Rock. She died just before one Monday morning, along the Cummings section of the ABC highway after a smash up with another vehicle.

Watson who received multiply injuries died on the spot. She was in a car driven by, Jason Beckles of Welchman Hall St. Thomas. The vehicle collided with a motor van driven by Tyrone Watts of St. Peter. Watts complained of pains to the back of his head and he also had three other passengers on board, all of whom complained of injuries about their body and where taken to the QEH by ambulance.

The accident followed less than twelve hours after another fatal accident in which 65 year-old Eustace Padmore of Lemon Arbour St. John lost his life. He was struck by a truck driven by Renaldo Johnson of Hopewell St. Thomas.

That accident occurred at the junction of Green Hill and Lodge Hill St. Michael around 5:30 Sunday evening. The two deaths have brought the number of road fatalities for the year to sixteen. (CBC)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alert Trio Sounds Fire Alarm

Quick action by three men averted what could have been a major disaster in Fitts Village, St James, just after 9 p.m. on Tuesday. Neal Hope, 23, Christopher Caines, 27, and Kegan Cumberbatch, 21, who live in the district said they were alerted by the smell of smoke.

“We smelt smoke and when we saw it was a house in the district, we rushed through the back gate, got a hose that was on the pipe and tried to out it,” said Hope, spokesman for the three. “We really had to do something, and that included wetting a nearby tree because the fire was starting to spread,” he added.

Three water tenders and seven fire officers responded to the fire which destroyed the house and damaged another. A fire official said the resident of the destroyed house, Jeffrey Brewster, was not at home at the time of the fire. (JG)

Source: http://www.nationnews.com/

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sharing Skills

Four and a half days of intensive training, conducted by the Barbados Coast Guard has better equipped 10 firefighters of the Barbados Fire Service.

In an effort to ensure the two services can work as a more cohesive team, the firefighters were trained in various aspects of emergency response, including in-water rescue, man overboard drills as well as training on the HMBS Leonard C. Banfield.

At the closing ceremony last Friday, Station Officer Mervin Mayers, stationed at BFS' Probyn Street headquarters, noted the organisation had acquired a new boat, and their training would be called on in the case of emergency situations where its use would be needed.

He also said the training would be another way to improve the customer service offered to the Barbadian public.

Those who graduated were: Acting Sub Officer Lever Jordan, Acting Leading Fire officer Andrew Boyce, and fire officers Junia Griffith, Pernel MCclean, Randy King, Daveson Deane, Lonsdale Blake, Kelan McCalla, Neil Small and Jason Johnson.

"[The two entities] work together and the Fire Service needs to be trained in how to use our equipment," Chief Petty Officer Ryan Selby said to Barbados TODAY at the closing ceremony of the programme this afternoon at the Coast Guard's Spring Garden base.

"In the case of flooding, for example, they would be better trained. For water rescues, like a fire at sea, where the Fire Service would be one of the first to be called, along with the Coast Guard, we will know how to work together as a well organised team." (LW)

Source: news.barbadostoday.bb

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cadets Leave Blazing Trail


After five long weeks of hard, energy-sapping training, 23 Junior Fire Cadets showed off their skills to parents and other fire officials at a recent closing ceremony.

Patricia Archer, who spoke on behalf of parents, said that she would never have known about the programme if she was not involved in a training programme organised by the Fire Service.

Station Officer Mervin Mayers stated that the Fire Cadet programme should not be seen as another summer camp, but as a method of teaching discipline and deportment to the cadets.

After a march pass and thorough inspection, the cadets showed off the various fire displays that they had learnt in their time at the programme, including drill displays, hose and hydrant drills, one man hose and hydrant drill, ladder drill, fire blanket and skirt and dance.

Nalita Gajadhar from Bureau of Gender Affairs gave the featured address and told the students their ancestors had to fight for where they were today and that they should take the opportunities at hand and make good use of them.

She reminded the cadets of the need to make wise decisions, even with the obstacles that they might encounter in life.

Not only did the cadets perform for their parents in what they were taught but they were rewarded for their success as well. The Best Cadet was Tremaine Herbert, who also was awarded with four additional prizes - Best at Foot Drill, Best at Deportment, Most Disciplined and Instructors Trophy. (EM)

Source: news.barbadostoday.bb

Friday, August 12, 2011

Carpenter Dies On The Job

A carpenter collapsed and died on the roof of a house he was repairing at Long Gap, Spooners Hill, St Michael, yesterday afternoon.

Dead is Randell Morris, 55, of Villa Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael. A co-worker told the DAILY NATION he was talking to Morris just prior to his fatal collapse around 5:55 p.m.

“I was on the ground talking to him when he just lay down,” he said. Fire Service officials responded to the emergency call. Station Officer Mervin Mayers said the officers checked for vitals, adding that someone had also attempted CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). (CA)

Source: www.nationnews.com

Friday, August 5, 2011

Seven Primary Schools To Receive Assistance

The Bajan Fire Fighters' Network and the Barbados Fire Service are proud to partner with "Barbados We Care: The Helping Hands" and the City of Bridgetown Credit Union for the the Barbados Primary Schools Initiative. The schools benefiting this year are St. Ambrose, St. Christopher, St. Giles, St. Andrew's Primary, St. Martin's Mangrove, Hillaby Turners Hall, and St. Margaret’s.

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