Monday, June 13, 2011

Coach Crash

Bath in St John was turned into a mass casualty scene last night after a coach carrying picnickers overturned, injuring more than two dozen people.

Four were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), but none of the injuries was believed to be life-threatening.

Well after 10 p.m. ambulances were still speeding to the hilly eastern parish, overtaking many a driver hurrying along to see what had happened. Some of the curious said they were trying to check on whether relatives were among the injured.

Thirty people were travelling in the bus, owned and operated by Johnson Tours. On an island tour, the bus, making Bath its last stop, flipped sending passengers, most of whom were in their 20s and 30s, into a spin.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Six Injured In Accident

At least six people were injured in a collision between two mini-buses in Shop Hill, St. Thomas.

According to police reports, the accident occurred at 8:15 Friday morning as both vehicles were approaching the area of the Lester Vaughn School.

Most of the injuries were minor but Carol-Ann Whittington of Airy Cot, St. Thomas was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.


Friday, June 10, 2011

SAFE At Luther Thorne Primary

Students of the Luther Thorne Memorial Primary School had a fun-filled afternoon yesterday as they participated in the Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) programme.

Members of the Barbados Fire Service (Probyn Street) visited the school and shared valuable information regarding fire safety. (Photo compliments: C Bishop)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BFSA Assists With Re-Hydration

The Barbados Fire Service Association and the Administration of the Fire Service are collaborating to address the issue of re-hydration of firefighters at major incidents.

This announcement was made during a brief ceremony at Fire Service Headquarters yesterday, as the BFSA presented a cooler to Chief Fire Officer Wilfred Marshall.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fire & Ice

Firemen averted what could have been a major catastrophe in the City this afternoon when the old ice factory in Mason Hall Street went up in flames. The alarm was raised around 1:43 p.m. that the building which is located in a very densely populated area, was on fire.

Although there was nothing significant inside the old factory and the adjoining building, employees from a nearby cleaning company kept a close eye on the blaze, which belched black smoke that could be seen as far away as Cave Hill, St. Michael.

It was that billowing smoke that prompted MP for the City of Bridgetown, Patrick Todd to visit to the scene. He told the media that he saw the thick smoke from the offices of the Ministry of Housing and Lands at Country Road and was concerned.

"The fire did not spread to neighbouring households. We are very happy that the emergency services were able to respond so quickly to avert a major catastrophe because as you would know this area is very densely populated with the avenues of Chapman Lane and Emmerton Lane to the west and to the east, avenues in the Cat's Castle, Mason Hall Street, Reed Street...

"I know that there is an adjoining business, a cleaning firm, and I'm happy that the fire did not spread significantly to that location in view of any chemicals that might be stored there and the fact that many employees would have been dislocated if the fire had destroyed that location," Todd said.

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing also said that a few days ago workmen had removed sheets of asbestos from the roof of the building that has been unoccupied for a number of years.

He noted that the Ministry of Housing and Lands, was planning to construct high rise project on the land that Government had recently acquired from the owners of the cleaning services.

"Negotiations with the current owner and Government are taking place in terms of completing that compulsory acquisition process and I know that the adjoining building which suffered damage by this fire is also a possible location for additional high rise housing solutions so that the Government would be very interested in the future of this land space as it looks to provide housing solutions for working Barbadians in the urban corridor where there is a scarcity of available land," Todd noted.

He also reiterated the need for Barbadians to have good fire prevention and safety habits.

Chief Fire Officer Wilfred Marshall told the media that he and 20 firefighters responded and were able to contain the blaze to that particular section, although it flared up again.

In addition to the four tenders, the ladder truck and water tanker were also used to battle the fire. He told the media that parked cars in the City always posed "a problem but we were able to get in early" and contain it. Scores of residents from nearby as well as onlookers were kept at bay by the police.

Investigations into the cause of the fire are continuing.


Fire At Ice Factory

Fire has broken out at the old Ice Factory and Smithfield Foods Limited building at Mason Hall Street in the city. That fire is currently being fought by three fire tenders from the Barbados Fire Service.

The fire which started just before 1 o’clock this afternoon consumed the partially abandoned building. Scores of onlookers gathered on the scene and some had to assist with the removal of several cars from the environs of the burning building.

One young man from the area said a lot of men from the New Orleans and surrounding districts had to alert the owners of several cars which are usually parked in the area and assist with the removal. Concern was also raised about the potential threat of the fire spreading and affecting the portion of the building which is used as chemical storage for Bajan Cleaning Services.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Woman Found Dead In Well

A brother's frantic efforts to find his 75-year-old sister last night ended in tragedy.

Henderson Mottley said last night that he visited his sister, Velma Smith, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, at her No. 24 Durants, Christ Church home.

"I came up my usual time about 6:30 and I would sit down and me and she would sit down and I would finish watch Day of Our Lives wid she. When I first came up I saw the house in darkness, and I was wondering what happened and I said to myself this ain't like her," he recounted.

He said he knocked and called around saying "Sis, sis, sis all the time", but did not hear anything. He then asked one of his sister's close friends if she told her she was going out but she said no.

"I then called [her] cellular phone, I called the house number. I stand up outside on the patio, I called the number and I heard it ring, ring, ring, then it ring off. I said something got to be wrong," he noted.

Mottley said he then checked with a taxi driver who takes her around but he had not seen her either. They returned to her house and together they checked inside the house but their search was in vain.

It was later that Mottley saw "some keys outside" on a wall nearby, he called another man who confirmed what he saw and who noticed that the slab on the well was opened. Police later said there was a body in the well.

The force's Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch, told the media in the wee hours of this morning, that Smith was pulled from a 45-foot well in the area by firemen just after midnight.

He said it was about 9:50 p.m. yesterday that family members and friends reported "that she could not be located" to the officers at the Oistins police station.

"Firemen worked tirelessly through the rain to recover the body of Miss Smith," said Welch. Two fire tenders under the command of Divisional Officer Evans Morris, Acting Station Officer Darcy Smith and Acting Station Officer Errol Gaskin attended the incident. (DS)